Von Hansen

Percussionist, Composer, Educator



Guitar Breath 2016

Middle school band and electronics

Commissioned by Ross Elementary School and Eisenhower Middle School Combined Band


One for the Land 2015

Piano and fixed media (Audio from Lebron James Mic'd up During Game 2 vs Hawks)

Commissioned by Emily Grabinski


Shared Shadow 2015

Interactive musical video game

Commissioned by Harvester Arts


Fresh Frozen Plasma 2015

Ensemble for 12 percussionists

Commissioned by Skiatook High School


Conduit  2015

Ensemble for 6 percussionists and Electronics


Sound Shadow 2014

Interactive sound installation

Commissioned by The Spencer Art Museum


Your Name Here 2013

Percussion quartet


It’s Like the Nothing Never Was 2013

Any instrument and computer processing

        Multiple Percussion Realization video

        Cello Realization video (Kivie Cahn-Lipman performer)


Life is Sweet on the Edge of a Razor 2011

prepared vibraphone

Commissioned by John Brown


Now 2011

percussion sextet

Commissioned by the Washburn Percussion Collective


The Dungeon 2011

percussion ensemble


Suite for Prepared Vibraphone 2010

prepared vibraphone

     Published by C. Alan Publications


Ice 9 2010

wind ensemble


Welcome to the United States 2010

electroacoustic soundscape



Lenses 2010

harp and four percussionists


November Site 2009

electroacoustic soundscape


Shel 2008

choir and two percussionists


Ad Astra 2008

mallet sextet

Commissioned by the Washburn Percussion Collective

     Published by C. Alan Publications

Ice 9 2008


Evolve 2007

five percussionists and piano

Duet for Multiple Percussion 2006

Multiple percussion duet

Bazaar Cattle Crossing 2006

Marimba and vibraphone duet